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Hens for Sale:

 Please submit your order below to reserve your Pullets.

Rhode Island Reds and White Rock Chickens

Please submit your order below to reserve your pullets.


Reserve your Pullets for a April and/or May PickUp.   (Submit your Order Below)

We offer discounts when you purchase over 20 Pullets.  Please feel free to stop by during our pick-up hours to purchase pullets/chickens even if you didn't submit an order below but we will guarantee your quanity if you place an order online.  The order form reserves (X) # of pullets for each group.
Minimum = Pullet Purchase 3

We still have Pullets Avialable! (as of May 16th 2015) - Place your order below or stop by

$18/Pullet at 18 Weeks  (Pick Up Date: 7AM -12:00 PM on the 11th of April)

$19/Pullet at 19 Weeks  (Pick Up Date: 7AM -12:00 PM on the 18th of April)

$20/Pullet at 20 Weeks (Pick Up Date: 7AM -12:00 PM on the 25th of April)

$20/Pullet at 21 Weeks (Pick Up Date: 7AM - 12:00 PM on 2nd of May) 

$20/Pullet at 23 Weeks (Pick Up Date: 7AM - 12:00 PM on 16th of May) - Should be laying
$20/Pullet at 24 Weeks (Pick Up Date: 7AM - 12:00 PM on 23rd of May) - Should be laying

Bring a box or somthing to carry the Pullets home in.


- These pullets are very friendly with Kids.


The Rhode Island Red is a breed of chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). They are a utility bird, raised for meat and eggs, and also as show birds. They are a popular choice for backyard flocks because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness.  

We also feed our (Hens) Poultry Vitamins for at least the first ¥ear.  Our goal is to get the healthiest bird to market.




We have about 200 Yards of clean fill available at our farm.  The cost is $10/Yard loaded.  Bulk discounts offered.  We also can deliver.

We also have about 25 yards of farm topsoil.


Chicken Tractor (Coop):

8-14 A- Frame Chicken Coop
Electrical Package
Automatic Chicken Door
Coop Includes:

Wheel Assembly
Glass board on floor
16 nesting boxes
Chicken door
Tech Shield on the roof
Metal Roof
Roosting bars
2 Windows
Single Door

Chicken Coop Price:
$4900 -$300 =$4,600

Delivery Options Available